Terrazzo Tiles With Recycled Marble Chips For Britannia Wharf Home

2BW is the house in which this unique shower can be found.  The Fancy terrazzo tile SLABS that were used for this project were custom cut to the specific measurements needed.  MIPA also offers the terrazzo flooring tiles in different standard sizes, but in occasions such as these, a bespoke size is available upon request for specific projects.
MIPA’s terrazzo tile SLABS are highly decorative and designed for home settings. They are available in 12 different colours.  That range from colours such as Ice, which as the name would suggest is a more of a neutral, elegant shade compared to Fancy. Fancy is a more contemporary choice as it contains more colours due to the different choice of marble chips and oxides in the cement. MIPA’s SLABS terrazzo tiles are sustainably produced. 80% of MIPA’s terrazzo tiles are made up from precious recycled Italian marble.
Project2BW, Britannia Wharf
PlaceLondon, England
MaterialsFancy Recycled Terrazzo
DesignPaolo Cossu

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