Grolla Rosato

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Discover the versatility and beauty of Grolla Rosato, a resilient and visually stunning hard limestone. With its exceptional technical qualities and a range of captivating colors, Grolla Rosato is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor projects, seamlessly blending classic and contemporary designs.

Grolla hard limestone, the company’s flagship product, is a versatile and resistant material because it lends itself to all types of processing. What distinguishes this stone from the others are its extraordinary certified technical-mechanical characteristics, such as low water absorption, resistance to abrasion, salt, pollution and frost. Thanks to these peculiarities, Grolla is suitable to the realisation of outdoor projects (ventilated and glued facades, floors, swimming pools) and interiors (wall coverings, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, objects and furnishing elements such as sinks, shower trays, tubs, tables and much more). The colors of the Grolla range from beige to intense pink shades, passing through grey. The remarkable technical characteristics, combined with the aesthetic qualities of this stone, adapt to suited to styles, architectural contexts and design from classic to contemporary, perfectly matching with wood, glass, steel and other materials. Interiors and exteriors, classicism and contemporaneity: for Grolla, every solution is possible.