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Join us on a journey of discovery of sustainable cork production, among the world’s most eco-friendly material ideal to create 3D carved façades, textured interior surfaces and furniture.

Venture into the realm of our eco-friendly cork wall panels, where nature and innovation intertwine seamlessly. Sourced responsibly, our cork panels not only stand as a testament to sustainability but also deliver unmatched thermal and acoustic benefits. Each panel is intricately designed, showcasing 3D artistry that breathes life into both interiors and facades.

What is Natural Cork?

Natural cork is a sustainable and versatile material harvested from the bark of trees. Our cork can be used as a thermal insulating material or can go on facades and indoor walls. We can also make furniture with this material.

Our cork is harvested in Portugal. The bark is stripped from the trees, allowing them to regenerate and continue producing cork. Our cork is harvested every 6 years, allowing the trees to continue their natural process. This sustainable harvesting process ensures the longevity of the cork ecosystem.

Cork is considered eco-friendly for several reasons. The harvesting process is sustainable, as it doesn't harm the trees, and the bark regrows over time. Additionally, our cork material is sustainable because it is 100% natural cork with no glue to bind it together. The production process of our cork is sustainable, being energetically self-sufficient in 95% of its needs, by the use of its own biomass (cork powder).

Yes! Our cork can be carved into different 3D patterns using a CNC machine. We have a standard range of patterns that you can choose from, and we also welcome customised designs from you. If you have further questions email us at

The way we process this material is by steaming it and during this process the cork binds itself naturally which ensures that we won’t need to use any glue to bind it together.

Cork is a lightweight, thermal insulating, acoustic material. We can use our natural cork for thermal insulation in walls or it can be CNC cutted to be made into 3D panels.

Yes! Our cork is EPD certified. Email us at to learn more about our cork and the certifications we hold.