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Embark with us on an exciting journey of discovery into the world of Matteo Brioni’s Natural Clay Plasters. Elevate your designs with contemporary, non-toxic surfaces crafted using traditional clay plaster techniques. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor space, our clay plaster walls and floors offer rich, natural colours derived directly from the clay itself. Experience the best chromatic and functional qualities of clay plaster for your home, store or office. Contact us today to learn more.

Coarse Natural Clay Plaster (7)

Custom Made Artistic Clay Plaster (7)

Decorative Inlay (3)

Fine Clay and Resin Mix Coating (2)

Fine Natural Clay Plaster (3)

Mineral Finishing Plaster for Vertical Surfaces (2)

Mineral Waterproof Plaster for Horizontal Surfaces (1)

Natural Clay and Lime Plaster (3)

Natural Clay Glazing (1)

Waterproof Clay Plaster (7)