Organic Waste

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Discover our sustainable materials made from organic waste. From the rich residues of coffee and wine production to the often-discarded treasures of seaweeds and clam shells, we transform these overlooked materials into sustainable solutions for your interiors.

Step into the innovative realm of our sustainable materials, all meticulously crafted from organic waste. Drawing inspiration and resources from the abundant byproducts of everyday indulgences, we harness the rich residues left behind from coffee and wine production. We also use
the frequently discarded yet incredibly versatile materials of seaweeds and clam shells.

What are our organic waste products made from?

Our Fanocel and Denuo are a biocomposite material that fully embraces recyclability, compostability, and biodegradability. It is crafted from repurposed agricultural remnants, including coffee, hemp and tobacco waste.

Fanocel and Denuo's solid, resilient, and lightweight composition makes it exceptionally suitable for crafting various objects, from illuminating fixtures to decorative furniture. Contact us at for further information.

We produce our materials in two different ways; they can be formed into shape using injection moulding or they can be 3D printed.

Yes! Our materials can be 3D printed, as other 3D printed materials it will have the lines showing from the printing process.

Yes, we can injection mould our organic waste materials.