Never Brushed

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Discover Never Brushed, our eco-friendly one-component varnish that flawlessly imitates brushed metals. With its light and radiant finish, it enhances metal, plastic, wood, and composite surfaces. Enjoy the elegance of galvanic effects with the durability to withstand wear, weather, and cleaning products. Experience the astonishing beauty of Never Brushed, while prioritizing environmental harmony. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications

Experience Never Brushed, the eco-friendly water-based varnish that perfectly imitates brushed metals. Enhance metal, plastic, wood, and composite surfaces with its light and radiant finish. Embrace the elegant design of galvanic effects while enjoying long-lasting resistance against wear, weather, and cleaning products. With Molteni Vernici's advanced technology, be amazed by the beauty of Never Brushed, in harmony with the environment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it meets international environmental standards.