Natural Clay Glazing

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Transform the tone of your existing materials with the natural-colored glaze, VeloTerra. This versatile glaze softens pre-existing colors and can be applied on all absorbent materials, including ours. Whether it’s walls, beams, pillars, or ceilings, VeloTerra is suitable for various surfaces, even finished surfaces in rough concrete. Choose from Matteo Brioni’s 14 different colors or customize the glaze to your specific requirements. Elevate your space with the versatility and beauty of VeloTerra, enhancing the aesthetics of your interior with its natural-colored tones.

Venture into the transformative world of VeloTerra, a natural-colored glaze designed to subtly shift and soften the hues of any absorbent material it graces. Beyond its capability to seamlessly merge with our own array of materials, VeloTerra boasts the versatility to be applied on an array of surfaces, from walls to beams, pillars, and even finished surfaces crafted in rough concrete. Whether you're looking to enhance a vast expanse of wall or breathe life into a singular pillar, VeloTerra offers the perfect solution. Choose from an extensive palette of 14 distinctive colors, curated by the renowned Matteo Brioni, or opt for a bespoke blend tailored to your specific aesthetic vision. Every brush stroke of VeloTerra not only infuses your space with unparalleled beauty but also encapsulates the essence of nature, exuding a timeless charm that speaks of authenticity and elegance.