Waterproof Clay Plaster

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Discover TerraVista Plus, a raw earth finishing plaster for wet areas. It covers vertical surfaces in internal environments and can be applied directly to walls, rough plaster, panels, and furnishings, even in contact with water. Choose from the Smooth or Textured versions, or opt for bespoke finishes. Elevate your wet areas with TerraVista Plus, a versatile and durable solution for a natural aesthetic.

Discover TerraVista Plus, an exceptional raw earth finishing plaster specifically designed for wet areas. Ideal for vertical surfaces in internal environments, TerraVista Plus can be directly applied to walls, finished rough plaster, panels, and furnishings, even in direct contact with water and/or rising damp. Choose between the Smooth and Textured versions of TerraVista Plus, each offering unique characteristics. Customized finishes are also available for both versions, allowing you to create a bespoke aesthetic. Experience the versatility and beauty of TerraVista Plus as it enhances your wet areas with its natural and durable raw earth finish.