The Craft

Technical Textiles

Explore the innovative possibilities of technical textiles at Materials Assemble. Versatile, durable, and sturdy, our textiles transcend conventional boundaries, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Discover a world of possibilities as we redefine the essence of texture and dimension in textile design. 

Textile Applications

Textiles, with their diverse material compositions such as glass fibres, metal, and wood, find versatile applications in architectural design. These adaptable materials can be effectively used as canopies, offering functional shelter and visually striking elements in outdoor spaces. Textiles also serve as flexible partitions, defining areas within a space without the need for solid walls, fostering an open and adaptable environment. Textiles can also play a role in enhancing the acoustic environment, serving as effective sound-absorbing elements.

Architectural Technical Textiles

Discover the innovation and resilience of our technical textiles—an embodiment of everlasting, high-performance fibres designed for both outdoor and indoor applications. The standard range includes four natural and two men-made fibres. As a sustainable choice in architectural textiles, these durable fibres can be used in canopies, ceilings, partitions, and curtains. This innovative material, i-mesh, filters and reflects excessive UV lights, making it great for use in hot climates. 

Artistic Applications

Technical textiles can transform into captivating canvases for intricate patterns and designs, pushing the boundaries of conventional textile applications. The tangible characteristics of the textiles engage in a dynamic interplay with light and texture, imparting a unique and transformative quality to the art projects they become a part of. More than mere mediums, these textiles evolve into dynamic elements that enrich the artistic narrative, infusing each creation with depth, texture, and a distinctive visual allure.

3D Textiles

Introducing our versatile 3D Textiles—flexible panels designed for a seamless fusion of form and function. These panels, clad in a rich array of materials such as birch and okoume plywood, bamboo, metals, synthetic felt, and more, offer a curated selection for diverse design expressions. With standard 3D shapes and the flexibility for custom textures and cuts, these textiles bring a draped look to surfaces, creating a dynamic visual and tactile experience.Suitable for applications on walls, ceilings, floors, and beyond, our 3D Textiles not only elevate aesthetics but also serve as an exceptional acoustic material, enhancing the auditory experience in any space.

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