Jewellery Cabinets for Anabela Chan Boutique

Crane studio created a truly special, unique and personal experience for arguably the most magical and whimsical jewellery boutique in London, Anabela Chan Joaillerie. Welcoming and luxurious with a touch of otherness, Anabela Chan's eponymous boutique is all vivid colours and geometries borrowed from nature. A hanging garden comprising over 1500 stems of preserved natural flowers and foliage creates an ethereal space as you enter, inspired by the four seasons of the British Countryside. Juxtaposed against the modernity of Italian terrazzo flooring are the bespoke brass, Carrara marble and glass cabinets manufactured by Materials Assemble, which houses jewels in vivid rainbow hues amongst seashells and corals. 

ProjectAnabela Chan Boutique
PlaceLondon, UK
Designed byCrane Studio
MaterialsBrass and Marble

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