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Explore our home furnishing collections featuring four distinct doors and systems, each meticulously crafted for a custom-made experience. Discover a seamless harmony between beauty and functionality, where every product is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living space.

Within these collections, we proudly craft not only the doors and systems but every intricate detail, including handles and accompanying elements. Each of our doors and systems is a testament to meticulous artistry, elevating your living spaces to new heights of sophistication. Immerse yourself in the seamless harmony woven into every product, where beauty and functionality coalesce in a symphony of thoughtful design.

How convenient is it to maintain the cleanliness of a glass door?

Cleaning clear or ceramic glass is a simple task due to its resistance to dirt absorption. Daily maintenance typically involves using a water and ammonia solution. Alternatively, common non-abrasive household cleaners can be applied with caution, using a soft cloth or sponge to ensure a uniform cleaning surface.

The maximum height of our glass partitions is 2800 mm.

Our company has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of products, adhering to the quality management system as per UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. All our glass products undergo a rigorous safety process, including thermal tempering according to UNI EN 12150-2 standard. Tempered glass, a staple in our designs, boasts significantly higher impact resistance (7 times) compared to regular glass of the same thickness. Furthermore, for safety compliance, it adheres to the UNI EN 12600 standard, breaking into small harmless pieces if shattered. To enhance safety, customers can opt for tempered glass, including the option of stratified-tempered glass for maximum security.

Our glass doors and partitions are a fusion of authentic materials. Glass, with its fundamental and luminous properties, aluminium, combining technical prowess with lightness, and wood, adding charm and vitality. These materials represent a harmonious blend of natural elements, fully recyclable at the conclusion of their lifecycle.

Our approach is centred around meeting the unique requirements of our customers, who play a crucial role in every project. Each door is the result of various combinations involving glasses, finishes, accessories, and sliding systems. The customisation process allows for individual design and crafting based on precise customer-provided measurements. Clients also have the flexibility to adorn their doors with chosen decorations and images.

Our glass partitions boast a range of quality features to ensure both safety and durability. The glass panels undergo tempering according to the rigorous 12150 and 12600 norms. When doors are crafted from laminated glass, we exclusively use tempered glass panels, a practice that extends to mirrors as well. This commitment to tempering enhances the overall strength and safety of our glass products. Additionally, in the lamination process, we employ a 0.76 mm thick EVA film, a superior standard compared to the 0.38 mm films used by some other companies. This meticulous attention to detail reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, reliable glass partitions for a variety of applications.

Our product features a customizable decorative colouring that enhances graphic or photographic images with a striking visual impact. It is applied to laminated glass, available in both transparent and satin finishes, through a unique printing process utilising special colour pigments. The timeless, sophisticated, and genuine character of glass is married with cutting-edge graphic design, propelling it into a contemporary realm. The glass panels are flawlessly consistent, boasting colours that remain vibrant and unchanged over time, embodying expansive creative potential. From refined textures and vividly coloured designs that showcase individuality, to the interplay of contrasts between matte and gloss finishes across various models, this collection introduces a suite of singular door designs. Employing a modern, adaptable, and engaging method, this technique sets the glass apart, making it communicative and vibrant, and opens up novel application possibilities in interior design and architecture.

Materials Assemble offers the option to adorn both monolithic and laminated glass with sandblasted designs that embody high aesthetic appeal, reflecting contemporary tastes and trends in a distinct style.

These decorative solutions diverge from traditional motifs, featuring stylized graphics and modern elements, each underpinned by a conceptual and cultural narrative designed to evoke connection and emotion in the observer. The sandblasted designs can be applied to a variety of glass types, whether monolithic or laminated, in clear or frosted finishes (including standard, extralight, bronze, and graphite). Additionally, options for dove or slate grey finishes are available, exclusively for laminated glass, offering further customization to suit innovative design needs.

We offer a selection of door options to complement your glass partition, allowing you to customise your space according to your preferences. Choose from our range of door types, including Swing door, Disappearing sliding door, External wall sliding door, and Pivot door.

Certainly! We take pride in crafting bespoke creations tailored to your specific needs. Our glass doors and partitions offer a range of customization options, allowing you to choose from different finishes, textures, and sizes.