Bio Based

Materials Library

Discover the finishes and techniques from our craftsmen, artisans and makers.
From handmade ceramics to bespoke metal finishes.

Explore the wide range of sustainable bio-based materials available in our library. Through advanced bio-fabrication processes, we harness the unique properties of our materials, from mycelium to natural cork, to deliver solutions that are both eco-friendly and innovative.

At Materials Assemble , we are proud to present a curated collection of bio-based materials that stand as a testament to the harmony between nature and technology. Each material is derived from 100% organic sources, promising not just a natural touch but also a commitment to sustainability. By choosing our green solutions, you are not only embracing a design aesthetic that's rooted in authenticity but also making a choice for a sustainable and healthier planet.

Mycelium (10)

Natural Cork (22)

Organic Waste (13)

Textiles (3)

Textured Wood (12)

Wooden Flooring (85)