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Discover our Recycled Terrazzo, a versatile sustainable material made of recycled marble off cuts and cement base. Extremely durable, our large size panels are perfect for flooring and wall panels. Our Recycled terrazzo is made with natural components, such as recycled marble chip, marble powder and grains, white concrete, natural oxide. Made in Italy.

Introducing our extraordinary recycled terrazzo, a versatile and sustainable material crafted from recycled marble offcuts and a cement base. This eco-friendly option combines durability with environmental consciousness, making it an ideal choice for flooring and wall panels. Our large-size panels offer seamless installation and create a visually stunning impact in any space. Made in Italy with a commitment to quality and sustainability, our recycled terrazzo is composed of natural components, including recycled marble chips, marble powder and grains, white concrete, and natural oxide. Embrace the beauty and eco-consciousness of our recycled terrazzo, and transform your interiors with a touch of Italian craftsmanship and sustainability.

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