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Explore our collection of Insulated Glass Bricks, a unique and eco-friendly solution to bring light into your installations, facades, and feature walls. Our Insulated Glass Bricks are crafted using partially recycled waste materials, making them a sustainable choice for your projects. With their transparent and translucent properties, Insulated Glass Bricks allow natural light to flow through while maintaining privacy and adding a touch of elegance to any space. Discover the versatility and aesthetic appeal of Insulated Glass Bricks and let them illuminate your designs with style and sustainability.

Discover our eco-friendly Insulated Glass Bricks collection, designed to bring natural light into your installations, facades, and feature walls. Crafted from partially recycled waste materials, these transparent and translucent bricks offer a sustainable and stylish solution for your projects. Enjoy the perfect balance between privacy and illumination as you embrace the beauty and functionality of Insulated Glass Bricks. Explore our collection and transform your space with the timeless elegance of these eco-conscious design elements.

What are our glass bricks made of?

Our glass bricks are crafted with a commitment to sustainability, incorporating up to 30% waste materials in their composition.

Our glass bricks come in four distinct sizes to cater to various design preferences and applications. The available dimensions are 197 x 197 x 40 mm, 197 x 197 x 80 mm, 146 x 197 x 80 mm, and 95 x 197 x 80 mm. These size options provide flexibility for creative and functional use, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific project requirements.

Absolutely! With only a few exceptions, the majority of our glass bricks are designed to thrive in outdoor settings. Their durability and weather-resistant properties make them a versatile choice for various exterior applications, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

Yes, our services extend globally, and we can deliver our glass blocks to customers worldwide. Whether you're across the street or across borders, we're committed to ensuring that our quality products reach you wherever your project may be.

Installing our glass bricks is facilitated through the Rods & Mortar system, particularly recommended for external features or locations where fire rating is essential. This method ensures a secure and durable installation, providing stability and adherence to safety standards. 

For optimal installation, we recommend spacing the glass bricks with a gap of 6mm on either side of the wall. This allowance accounts for the natural expansion and contraction variances inherent in the material. 

A Glass Block is a compact and notably thicker piece of glass designed in the resemblance of a building block. It is important to note that a glass block is characterised by a hollow core, setting it apart from a glass brick which lacks this interior void.