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Design your space with our technical textile for architecture. A sustainable and versatile solution, made of long-lasting mineral fibers to bring both elegance and performance to any indoor or outdoor space.

Transform your space with our innovative technical textile for architecture. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this versatile solution is made from durable mineral fibers, ensuring both elegance and performance in any indoor or outdoor environment. Enhance your space with a long-lasting and environmentally friendly material that combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. Experience the possibilities of our technical textile and create a space that harmoniously blends style and durability, elevating your design to new heights.

What are Technical Textiles?

Technical textiles are composite materials that have high technical performances, such as durability, resistance, strength, thermal and acoustic qualities.

Technical textiles can be applied in various departments like architecture and design. These particular technical textiles perform the best outdoors as facades, canopies and curtain units, as they can reflect UV light and excessive heat while their permeable membrane lets the wind go through.

Yes! Our technical textiles perform well as external canopies and facades as they reflect UV light and excess heat, and because of their permeable surface they allow cold air and wind to come through.

Our textiles come in panels of 5x15 metres and because of the way it is produced we candied the joints to create a long seamless finish. We have 6 available colours that come from the natural colours of the fibres.

Technical Textiles are made of 4 and 2 artificial fibres. These fibres not only exhibit exceptional durability but also contribute to the sustainability of the final textile product. The incorporation of natural fibres imparts unique characteristics to the textile, providing it with a natural pigment that enhances both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Yes, they can be customised in various ways. The pattern of the textiles can be customised to suit the environment that it will be in or can be customised for purely decorative reasons. For further information on customisation, email us at