The craft

Natural Clay

Experience the natural beauty of clay and Clay plasters. With a deep understanding of raw clay materials, these contemporary and environmentally conscious solutions offer a range of finishes and carefully selected colors. From residential to commercial applications, Matteo Brioni's artisanal quality and commitment to the environment shine through, ensuring a unique and thoughtful aesthetic.

What is Natural Clay Plaster?

Clay Plaster is a contemporary building material: beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile. Matteo Brioni's natural clay plaster is the result of a meticulous pre-selection of clays and aggregates originating from various territories and blended together with skilled clay plaster techniques to obtain chromatic, tactile, and functional qualities that fit. Healthy products, pure and natural, pleasant to the touch, able to sinuously adapt to any shape: clay plaster walls and floors, contemporary surfaces made with traditional techniques.


Clay is the most ancient of building materials. The history of earthen architecture corresponds to the history of humanity. Clay as a building material is a compound of clay and natural aggregates, simply left to air-dry, with no firing necessary. Local clay, mixed with water, has given shape to entire settlements – built in pisé, in adobe, with structures in clay and wood, in blocks of compressed clay – naturally healthy and integrated with the surrounding context.

The Material

Matteo Brioni’s clay is selected and mixed by a process that requires experience in building and an eye for the uniqueness of each territory. Resulting in healthy products, pure and natural, pleasant to the touch, able to sinuously adapt to any shape: contemporary surfaces made with traditional techniques.
As in the past, the mixture is simply made by adding water. The clay mixtures may also be used with additives, such as mineral or synthetic binders in order to obtain continuous horizontal and vertical coatings with different degrees of mechanical resistance to abrasion and water.

Natural Clay Plaster Colours

Matteo Brioni's Natural Clay plaster colours are the result of mixing different clays, originating from different territories. Free from any type of pigment, natural or synthetic, expresses the quality of their land of origin and their name evokes the invitation of natural products. Encased in a palette of 10 colours, they can be easily coordinated or used in monochrome. Transform any space into an inviting place, discreet elegance and always contemporary. It can be incorporated with other materials or used as a total look. An elegant color palette, contemporary and discreet.

The Textures

The textures add tactile and perceptive dimensions to surfaces, through the addition of natural elements. Jute, wheat, hemp and rice adds to the texture. Mica, mother of pearl, and hematite give the earth a light and brilliant reflection. Onyx, sodalite and quartz give the earth a used and worn appearance, simulating the passage of time charged with its long history, memories, and warmth

Environmentally Friendly

Matteo Brioni’s products are 100% recyclable. Every component and any production waste can be recovered and reprocessed. The water required for the mix to make bricks, plasters and compounds returns to the environment during the drying process evaporating into the air. In addition, the production cycle consumes up to 60% less primary energy as compared to terracotta, without significant CO2 emission to the atmosphere.



Clay is a material that lived in contact with men for centuries. So it’s perfect for living and working interiors, improving the inner microclimate and adapting naturally to the surfaces, just like a second skin.
It is perfect for vertical surfaces from dry to wet areas.



Clay can be applied as a continuous coating for floors, made of clays, Etna volcanic sands and mineral binders, inspired by ancient Roman paving Opus signinum and tradition of clay floors.
Matteo Brioni Clay floors are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. In fact, their archaic material aesthetics coincides with high performance due to the addition of mineral binders or synthetic, which make it the ideal floor for contemporary use.



Coccio Pesto products are handcrafted using natural materials subject to variability inherent to artisanal production methods. The production process incorporates recycled agglomerates, including clay, marble, and crushed natural stones, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.

The finished surface may exhibit differences in thickness, small spots, streaks, and slight variations in color tone and consistency. These are not flaws but are attributes related to the natural origin of the materials used. Each product is unique due to these characteristics.

No resins or other toxic materials are used in the production process.

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