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Experience the artistry of hand-carved solid wood by Italian craftsmen at Materials Assemble. Our bespoke wooden tiles, furniture, sculptures, and facades are meticulously crafted with seamless 3D textures, showcasing the natural beauty of Walnut, Oak, and Linden woods. With a focus on sustainability, our locally sourced materials reduce carbon footprint while ensuring longevity and minimal waste. From completely customized designs to unique structural details, each piece is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind beauty for any interior space.

Each bespoke piece, whether wooden tiles, signature furniture, expressive sculptures, or intricate facades, is the result of countless hours of meticulous craftsmanship, bringing seamless 3D textures into existence. We celebrate the natural allure and distinct character of various woods, including the rich warmth of Walnut, the robust elegance of Oak, and the subtle grace of Linden, each selected for its unique charm and resilience.

Can we hand carve wood?

Yes! Our textured wood materials are meticulously hand-carved by skilled craftsmen in Italy. Each piece undergoes a careful process, where the intricate details and textures are carved by hand, resulting in unique and beautifully crafted pieces. The quality of our hand carved products come from multiple generations of craftsmen working with this craft.

Yes! We are proud to be FSC certified as this certification ensures that our hand-carved wood materials come from responsibility managed forests.

Yes! We take pride in our ability to craft exquisite furniture pieces using our hand-carved wood. Our collection offers a diverse range of furniture items, all meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. From elegant credenzas and chairs to stunning tables, accent pieces, sculptural pieces and versatile cupboards, we offer a wide array of options to suit various styles and preferences. 

Yes! While we offer a standard collection of hand-carved wood furniture, we understand that each customer may have unique preferences and requirements. Whether you are looking for a different size, finish or design variation we are here to accommodate your requests. For detailed information on bespoke options, please email us at info@materialsassemble.com

Yes, our expertise in hand-carved wood extends to crafting stunning wall systems. We offer a variety of components for wall systems, including boiserie panels, single or double doors, wooden shelves, niches, cupboards and containers. 

Yes, our hand-carved wood materials can add warmth to any kitchen space. We offer a comprehensive range of kitchen elements crafted from hand-carved wood, including countertops, tables, chairs and wall systems. 

Yes! We take pride in our commitment to local craftsmanship. All our hand-carved textured materials are hand-carved by skilled artisans in Italy, where local woodworking traditions have been passed down through generations. By producing locally, we ensure the highest quality standards while supporting traditional craftsmanship and the local economy. 

Sustainability is at the core of our sourcing practices. We prioritise the use of local, fast-growing trees to source the wood for our hand-carved materials. By sourcing locally, we reduce the initial transportations emissions. Additionally, utilising fast-growing trees helps to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, as we use a renewable source.