Mineral Finishing Plaster for Vertical Surfaces

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Mineral finishing plaster for vertical surfaces called TerraTon Wall and produced by Matteo Brioni. Finishing plaster based on natural pozzolans clay, cement and fine-grained mineral binders. Suitable for indoor and outdoor vertical surfaces. It can be applied directly on walls, finished rough plaster, and panels also in direct contact with water and rising damp.

Introducing TerraTon Wall, an exceptional mineral finishing plaster meticulously crafted by the renowned Matteo Brioni. This premium plaster is rooted in a harmonious blend of natural pozzolans clay, cement, and select fine-grained mineral binders, creating a formulation that speaks both of robustness and aesthetic grace. Tailored for vertical surfaces, TerraTon Wall exhibits an unmatched versatility, making it apt for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its prowess doesn't end here; this plaster showcases an exceptional ability to adhere directly to walls, whether they are finished rough plaster or panels. Furthermore, TerraTon Wall stands out with its unique resilience, enabling its application even in areas with direct water contact or those prone to rising dampness.