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Discover the beauty and sustainability of Recycled Glass Panels, crafted from discarded shards of glass left over from the glass blowing industry. By repurposing these shards, we significantly reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy. Each panel is a unique piece, and the interplay of light through the glass creates stunning visual effects, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether used as countertops, facades, partitions, panelling, or light fixtures, Recycled Glass Panels bring a touch of elegance and eco-consciousness to both interior and exterior spaces. Choose from a variety of colors and two face finishes, gloss and matte. Sizes and shapes can be customized by cutting individual panels with precision using a waterjet.

Discover our beautiful recycled blown glass, decorative glass panels that represent an environmentally friendly and efficient. Discover our eco-friendly Recycled Glass Panels, made from discarded glass shards to reduce waste in the glass blowing industry. Each unique panel showcases beautiful light effects, perfect for countertops, facades, partitions, and more. Choose from various colors and finishes, and customize sizes and shapes to fit your design vision. Embrace sustainability and style with our stunning Recycled Glass Panels.

What is our recycling glass made of?

Our recycled glass is crafted from by-products generated during our glass-blowing manufacturing operations. This material consists of shards of high-quality  glass and remnants from blown glass components.

Our recycled glass finds versatile applications in various scenarios, including construction, architecture, and interior and product design. The base material comes in sheet form, measuring 700 x 700 mm. These sheets can be precision-cut using a water jet, allowing for flexibility in design. Furthermore, they can be seamlessly bent, glued, or sealed together, offering limitless possibilities for creative and sustainable solutions across different industries.

The base size of our glass sheets is 70 x 70 centimetres. However, we understand that each project has unique requirements, so we offer the flexibility to customise dimensions according to your specific needs. The thickness of the sheets varies between 6 to 10 mm, contingent upon the thickness of the glass shards used in the manufacturing process.

Our material is available in a standard range of 14 base colours, providing a diverse palette to suit various design preferences. It's worth noting that we can precisely control the intensity of these colours by selecting specific shards during the manufacturing process.

Yes! Our exclusive collection features meticulously crafted mosaics made from recycled glass, showcasing outstanding qualities such as high resistance to water and aggressive chemicals, easy maintenance, durability against wear, and an unmistakable blend of coloration and texture. They exhibit a remarkable 7mm thickness, with sizes varying across different shapes.

Absolutely! Our recycled glass material is versatile and can be adapted to suit various facade designs. To explore the possibilities and discuss specific details for your project, feel free to reach out to us at

Absolutely! Our recycled glass material offers extensive customization options to suit your specific design preferences. You can customise the shape, colour, and size of the recycled glass to seamlessly integrate it into your project. Additionally, we provide the option to waterjet the material, allowing for intricate inlays and bespoke designs.