Jacquemus Clay Interior in Selfridges London

Clay plasters are beautiful, hypoallergenic, versatile and highly sustainable.

French fashion brand Jacquemus has opened a boutique permanent retail location in Selfridges London. OMA/AMO studio in collaboration with Matteo Brioni and Material Assemble, have designed a terra-inspired shop interior. Utilising mainly clay-based materials and tiling to reflect materials used in the Provence countryside.

The clay plaster is pure in terms of colouring. Made by a compound of natural clay (not coloured or pigmented, as made by nature) and sand plus an organic binder and water.

The clay material that covers the whole interior was mixed and produced on site and painted by hand. The materials used throughout the store were decided upon prior to the design of the forms used in the shop.

Photography by: Benoit Florençon

ProjectJacquemus Shop-in-Shop Selfridges
PlaceLondon, UK
DesignerArch. Camille Filbien, OMA Studio
MaterialTerraTon, TerraFloor
ProductionMatteo Brioni

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