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Explore our high-quality certified wooden flooring collection for outdoor spaces. Enhance your outdoor environment with the natural beauty and durability of wood. Our products meet rigorous standards for quality and sustainability, allowing you to create a stylish and eco-friendly outdoor space. Discover the elegance of certified wooden flooring and transform your outdoor area today.

Step into the realm of Materials Assemble’s exclusive collection of wooden flooring, meticulously curated for the unique demands of outdoor spaces. Every piece within our collection stands as a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship, forged under rigorous quality standards. But beyond sheer quality, there’s a story of sustainability. Embracing our flooring means not only making a design statement but also taking a conscientious step towards the environment. By choosing our certified wooden flooring, you’re investing in an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on style or durability.

What is the oxidation phenomenon in relation to parquet flooring?

Oxidation is a natural process that occurs when wooden flooring is exposed to light. The extent of oxidation depends on the type of timber used, resulting in varying degrees of colour change in the wood floor.

Certainly, outdoor wooden flooring has the potential to endure high-traffic environments. However, its ability to withstand such conditions depends on various factors including the type of wood used, the applied finish, and the maintenance regimen employed.

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and longevity of outdoor wooden flooring. This includes sweeping away debris, cleaning with a mild detergent and water, and applying a protective sealant or stain as needed.

Yes, outdoor wooden flooring can be treated to resist moisture and weather damage. Applying a sealant or stain helps protect the wood from rain, snow, and UV rays, prolonging its lifespan. We use  water-based lacquers to achieve this.

Yes, outdoor wooden flooring can be refinished to restore its appearance and protect it from further damage. This typically involves sanding down the surface and applying a new coat of sealant or stain.

Certainly! We are pleased to inform you that our products obtained CE certification. This certification signifies that our products comply with the essential health, safety and environmental protection standards set by the European Union.