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Enter our mycelium world, where we transform the sustainably grown and eco-friendly mycelium into expertly crafted geometric acoustic panels, flooring, and bespoke interior design products.

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of mycelium with us. We harness this naturally abundant, eco-friendly material, transforming it through cutting-edge processes to create stunning, sustainable interiors. From high-performance geometric acoustic panels that redefine space acoustics, to bespoke flooring solutions designed for durability and aesthetic appeal, our mycelium-based products offer an unparalleled combination of form and function.

What are mycelium acoustic panels?

Mycelium acoustic panels are eco-friendly sound absorbing panels made from the roots of fungi, known as mycelium. They are designed to enhance acoustics in various spaces like offices. They are a sustainable alternative to other acoustic products and they come in various 3D shapes that enhance acoustic performance while bringing the beauty of nature to a space.

Yes, our acoustic panels are sustainable as they are made with natural and renewable resources.

Yes, our mycelium panels exclusively utilise selected fungal strains that are entirely safe for both humans and the environment. Our technology is designed to eliminate the production of any spores throughout the entire production process.

No. In addition to being harmless to humans and free of spores, we have conducted tests to confirm that our materials are safe for skin contact and do not trigger any allergic reactions.

Absolutely! Through our carefully selected protocols and unique finishing process, we have engineered mycelium products that are highly durable. Our materials will only biodegrade under specific industrial conditions when disposed of at the end of their life cycle.

Yes! Our mycelium panels are produced in a beautiful natural white colour with small tone variations, making each piece unique. We use water-based paint to colour our panels into your desired colour.

Short answer is yes. However we don't recommend doing so as mycelium materials are highly hydrophobic.

Mycelium products are naturally antistatic. You can clean them with an air spray or a duster. You should avoid using any wet products. 

We don't recommend cutting the panels but you can cut the products with a circular saw. If you are looking to complete tiling on the wall and have further questions, please contact us at

Yes, we use organic residues like short and dusty fibres of cotton that can't be used in textile production.

Yes, you can earn high scores in the evaluation process as we are low VOC and sustainable. However the products cannot be certified for BREEAM or LEED.

Yes! We do not use any plastic additives in our products.

Acoustic comfort is a space with minimal intruding sounds from the outside, which can boost productivity and general health of the occupants.

No. Our products are designed to be used indoors.

Yes, our panels come in various shapes and sizes, and we have a vast colour palette that you can choose from.

The fire rating of the panels is B-s2- d0. We achieve this with a fire retardant finishing, which is heavy metal free, non-halogen and non-buromurated. 

Our modular panels are provided with their own easy to mount and screwless fixing system. They can be fixed with glue or a magnet system. If you have more questions on the installation, email us at

Although our products are moisture resistant and naturally hydrophobic , we advise against installation in high moisture areas like bathrooms.

Our mycelium floor tiles come in two sizes: 500 x 500 mm or 250x500mm with 7mm thickness.

Our floor flex products can come in various sizes and formats. We have square tiles that come in 500x500 mm, 700x700 mm and 1000x1000 mm, slabs that come in 200x1000 mm and rolls that come in 1400mmx20m.