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Unleash the artistry of oxidation with our Oxidant Coatings. Redox™ transforms raw iron into captivating masterpieces through a genuine oxidation process. Experience the mesmerizing red and purple hues that highlight the natural beauty of this material. Create fully customized finishes for indoor and outdoor surfaces, turning them into works of contemporary art. Discover the transformative power of Redox™ and embrace a new level of artistic expression.

Experience the captivating artistry of our Oxidant Coatings. Redox™ harnesses the raw beauty of iron, undergoing a genuine oxidation process to create mesmerizing red hues. This innovative chemical oxidant transforms a typically overlooked material into a true work of art. By extracting the surface layer of iron, Redox™ reveals the natural shades of strong red and purple oxidation, allowing for fully customizable finishes on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art as Redox™ unveils masterpieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.