Grigio Olivo

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Grigio Olivo is a stunning natural stone that exudes an elegant and neutral tone, making it a perfect choice for various design styles and applications. Its versatility shines through both indoor and outdoor environments, where it effortlessly enhances the ambiance and creates a captivating atmosphere. Not only does Grigio Olivo offer visual appeal, but it also boasts exceptional technical and mechanical properties. With its limited water absorption and resistance to abrasion, salt, frost, and pollution, this stone is highly durable and resilient. Whether used for flooring, wall cladding, bathrooms, kitchens, or as design accents and furnishing accessories, Grigio Olivo adds a touch of unparalleled sophistication. Additionally, it is suitable for a range of outdoor projects, including ventilated facades, paving, and swimming pools.

Experience the timeless elegance of Grigio Olivo, a neutral yet sophisticated stone that effortlessly harmonizes with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its exceptional technical and mechanical properties, including low water absorption and resistance to abrasion, salt, frost, and pollution, ensure durability and longevity. From flooring and wall cladding to bathrooms, kitchens, and design objects, Grigio Olivo adds a touch of unmatched style. Whether for ventilated facades, paving, or swimming pools, this unique stone is perfect for any environment, making a statement with its unrivaled beauty.