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Introducing Terravista, a natural clay plaster by Matteo Brioni. This ready-to-use dry mix simply requires water. Ideal for vertical indoor surfaces, it’s perfect for both new builds and renovations. Easily adaptable, Terravista can be applied to various plasters or panels. Experience the versatility and beauty of this clay finish.

Introducing Terravista by Matteo Brioni, a breakthrough in the realm of natural clay plasters. Crafted meticulously, this ready-to-use dry mix is designed for utmost convenience; a simple addition of water is all it takes to prepare. Engineered specifically for vertical surfaces indoors, Terravista is not just a product, but a solution, equally fitting for brand new constructions and thoughtful renovations. One of its standout features is its adaptability. Whether your space is adorned with a traditional plaster or modern panels, Terravista seamlessly integrates, offering an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Dive into the transformative world of Terravista and experience a clay finish that encapsulates both versatility and timeless beauty.