Fine Blooms

Fine Blooms by Universal Design Studio is a remarkable project that showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and creativity of this renowned design firm. The concept of "Fine Blooms" revolves around the use of cocciopesto, an ancient technique that dates back to Roman times. Cocciopesto, a mixture of finely or coarsely ground fragments of Cotto, is combined with binders, inserts, and natural pigments to create stunning architectural elements. The skilled artisans at Universal Design Studio use their expertise to cast these mixtures into 3D molds, resulting in unique curved niches and walls. What sets Fine Blooms apart is the incorporation of colored pebbles, adding a delightful bloom effect to the cocciopesto creations. This technique, combined with the natural pigments and handcrafted approach, results in visually captivating textures and patterns that are both timeless and contemporary. Fine Blooms not only pays homage to ancient Roman traditions but also emphasizes sustainable craftsmanship. The use of clay as the main material in cocciopesto ensures a low carbon footprint, aligning with Universal Design Studio's commitment to environmentally friendly design. With Fine Blooms, Universal Design Studio has once again demonstrated their ability to create exceptional spaces that blend history, creativity, and sustainability. This project is a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship and their innovative approach to design.
ProjectFine Blooms