100 Liverpool Street

Universal Design Studio's project at 100 Liverpool Street showcases their mastery in creating exceptional spaces, including the ingenious use of vibrant orange tiles. Located in a prime location, this project exemplifies their thoughtful and innovative approach to design.
One of the notable features of 100 Liverpool Street is the striking orange tiles integrated into the interior made of 50% recycled material. These tiles, carefully chosen by Universal Design Studio, add a bold and energetic touch to the space. Their vibrant hue infuses the environment with a sense of dynamism and visual interest, creating a unique and memorable experience for visitors. The use of orange tiles reflects Universal Design Studio's commitment to incorporating unexpected elements into their designs. These tiles serve as a focal point, drawing attention and creating a delightful contrast against the surrounding architectural features. Their presence adds a playful and contemporary twist to the overall aesthetic. By skillfully integrating these orange tiles, Universal Design Studio demonstrates their ability to create spaces that are visually captivating and thoughtfully curated. The choice of color injects a sense of warmth and vibrancy into the interior, making 100 Liverpool Street a standout project that leaves a lasting impression. In summary, Universal Design Studio's project at 100 Liverpool Street showcases their expertise in creating exceptional spaces, with the innovative use of vibrant orange tiles serving as a captivating design element. This project stands as a testament to their ability to infuse spaces with personality, creativity, and a unique visual identity.
Project100 Liverpool Street
MaterialBespoke Tiles

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