WOOD-SKIN at Haru Sushi Garage

WOOD-SKIN is a composite material and acts as both a textile and 3D panel. It acts as a highly flexible surface, and is able to fold into a desired sculpture from a flat surface - using CNC technology. The material is made with a sandwich (normally of wood and a high performance mesh, but other materials such as felt or stainless steel can be used). The material itself is highly sustainable, cutting down on the need for solid wood sculptures thanks to its modulus form. Perfect for both interiors or exteriors the opportunities are limitless, WOOD-SKIN comes in both bespoke and standardised options. 

Haru Sushi Garage is a sushi fusion restaurant designed by Area Progetti s.n.c.. The design unifies Japanese tradition with other flavours. Innovation and history have never been so close, WOOD-SKIN unlocks the origami potential for wood, bringing a classic warm material into the digital era of computational design. A wooden waved canopy starts from the outside of the restaurant inviting people inside while bringing a taste of the inner atmosphere to the street.

ProjectHaru Sushi Garage
PlaceSan Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
DesignerArea Progetti S.N.C

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