WOOD-SKIN x Gensler

WOOD-SKIN is a composite material and acts as both a textile and 3D panel. It acts as a highly flexible surface, and is able to fold into a desired sculpture from a flat surface - using CNC technology. The material is made with a sandwich (normally of wood and a high performance mesh, but other materials such as felt or stainless steel can be used). The material itself is highly sustainable, cutting down on the need for solid wood sculptures thanks to its modulus form. Perfect for both interiors or exteriors the opportunities are limitless, WOOD-SKIN comes in both bespoke and standardised options. 

The aim of this project was a renovation of some of the spaces and amenities at Ballston Point, a 270,000 sf, Class A office building in Arlington, VA. The Gensler Team joined forces with WOOD-SKIN, who designed a tailor made surface for the lobby.  

Even before crossing the threshold of the main entrance of Ballston Point, you are greeted by this exceptional feat of architectural design by Gensler.

The aluminium exterior with a faux wooden texture is designed to withstand all weather conditions, while the interior, a complex and sinuous three-dimensional surface in veneered birch, sprawls out into the space of the lobby to become first a ceiling, then a wall, in an uninterrupted curvilinear flow, enveloping the visitor in a wave of wood where an integrated bench offers a comfortable place to rest.

“WOOD-SKIN provided us with a highly flexible system that allowed us to create a defining design element that moves through the space and leads our occupants in precisely the journey our client wished to emphasize in the space.” Stephen Ramos, Gensler Design Director

This installation perfectly represents the potential of WOOD-SKIN technology and its tailor made applications. In addition to the wooden cladding, WOOD-SKIN worked side-by-side with Gensler on the engineering of the surface, from the concept to the on-site installation done by Washington Woodworking. Not just a treat for the eyes, but a complex surface designed down to the millimeter to seamlessly integrate lighting fixtures and furnishing elements such as the built-in upholstered bench.

ProjectBallston Point
PlaceTexas, USA
DesignerWOOD-SKIN x Gensler

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