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Introducing the Nanogalvanic™ series, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide exceptional resistance against the inevitable wear and tear experienced by metals and their alloys in diverse environmental conditions. Our revolutionary formula, featuring state-of-the-art resins, ensures a prolonged brilliance of treated surfaces while preserving the characteristic hues of galvanic treatments. This 2k two-component varnish, available in transparent and colored versions mimicking galvanic metals, is specifically formulated for application on polished or galvanized noble metal supports. Harnessing the power of anti-UV nanoceramic resins, this product guarantees a direct adhesion to polished or galvanized noble metals and metal alloys. Achieve galvanic finishings such as polished gold, matt gold, polished nickel, matt nickel, nickel, nickel black, chrome black, copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, electro colors, anodized, and a myriad of color variations.