Terrazzo Floor Tiles for Lazzari Store

Terrazzo is a very durable and resistant material, so it comes as no surprise that the Lazzari store, in the centre of Verona, in Piazza delle Erbe chose to use MIPA’S Made In Italy Wild Rose terrazzo tiles. 

These new tiles are part of the new Seeds Collection in collaboration with Laura Renna - a visual artist who looks into themes such as tradition, nature and space. The Wild Rose terrazzo tiles can be seen to have similarities to those colours found in nature, with the sand colour giving the store a warm feel that makes shoppers feel more at home.  

The soft nude colour also brings the store together as it cooperates with the clothing to make the garments subtly stand out, which promotes the chic and serene space that the store has.

The Wild Rose terrazzo tiles also highlight the love, interior designers have for terrazzo as its naturalness colour can adapt seamlessly to any space. MIPA is without a doubt reasserting terrazzo flooring again with its perfectly imperfect tiles. That also provides us with a sustainable solution to flooring, as MIPA’s tiles are made up from all natural reused durable materials, which are combined with a nearly zero impact manufacturing technique. 

Stuart Piercy - founder and director of the company