Matteo Brioni’s Terravista Clay In Profumo Naples

Profumo, based in the affluent area of Chiaia, is an example of where Matteo Brioni’s raw earth plaster clay has been applied. 

Both levels of the shop have Terravista Smooth clay upon the walls. Each one uses a different colour to provide the customer with a different experience in each floor.  For street level a red, more earthy toned clay was used, Cammeo. Whereas for the basement a yellow shade was picked, Senape.  

Terravista clay is an earth finishing plaster that is available in three different versions: Smooth, Structured and Wabi.

For Profumo the smooth clay was picked for both floors. Terravista clay is available in 14 different colours. To achieve these different colours Brioni selects different clays and aggregates that originate from different places and blends them together to achieve a collection of diverse tones.

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