Our Material Library

Materials Assemble Material Library is both a digital catalogue and physical space in London that contains thousands of material samples.

Open to architects, interior designers, designers, developers and product developers, the Material Library is a tool to discover and develop projects with innovative sustainable finishes. 


Our team's material knowledge is available to help, inspire and inform creatives, with a special focus on renewable & low carbon emission solutions for interior spaces. Creatives can browse the library by type of materials or filter the best solutions based on sustainability credentials or suitable usage. sit.

The Database was made for designers, engineers, and brands seeking to improve their products or find the most sustainable materials available. The world’s most innovative materials, technologies, and processes are just a click away. Materials Assemble' s material collection is always expanding.

We are constantly looking out for exciting new manufacturers and carbon-neutral materials.

With innovations entering the Material Library every month, there’s always something new to explore. Clients will be able to find everything from clay and natural coatings, to hand-carved wood and textiles, glass, mycelium to bio-plastics. If you’re looking for consultation on creative or environmental materials, just drop us a line at info@materialsassemble.com

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Bio Based (146)

Clay & Ceramics (212)

Composite Materials (109)

Finished Products (194)

Glass (129)

Marble & Stones (473)

Metals (388)

Recycled materials (137)